Our Menu

Just a tease


10.32 BGN

With milk mousse and fresh vegetables 200g

15.36 BGN

With olives and a mix of soft marinated cheeses 250g

15.36 BGN

With a mix of cherry tomatoes and classic hummus 250g

homemade marinated salmon
19.92 BGN

With banderillas and fresh cream with celery 250g

Homemade hummus
10.32 BGN

With herbal bruschettas 150g

Let us turn you on


Hors d'oeuvre of salmon
20.28 BGN

With anchovies, Norwegian mackerel fillets and marinated shrimps 200g

selection of soft cheeses
23.76 BGN

With classic sausages and green olives 300g

smoked duck magret
22.56 BGN

With stuffed peppers with milk cream and a light spicy taste 180g

19.92 BGN

With honey, hazelnuts and a mix of dried fruits, served with pear in Porto wine 200g

tapas pan con tomate
11.56 BGN

Baked homemade bread with tomato, garlic and marinated mozzarella 150g

benedictine eggs
15.36 BGN

Served with bacon, green asparagus and cheddar cream 250g

trilogy of warm octopus
32.16 BGN

With shrimp, squid with classic Provencal taste 250g

grilled eggplant
11.76 BGN

With salsa of tomato, avocado and a slight hint of thyme and garlic 250g

tapas with wild mushrooms
11.52 BGN

Served with roasted garlic and parmesan 150g

tapas marie montanaya
15.36 BGN

Home-baked wholemeal bread with home-marinated salmon and salsa Rosa 150g

Fresh choice


Old style vegetable salad
11.76 BGN

Fried zucchini and eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers flavored with ripe cheese, slices of Kalamata olives, pickled red onions, vegetable dressing and pickled chorbadji peppers 350g

greek salad
15.36 BGN

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cheese, green peppers, olives and homemade bread crackers 400g

traditional mix
15.84 BGN

Roasted peppers, Bulgarian goat cheese, dressing with cherry tomatoes and olives, served with home-baked bruschettas 400g

our caesar salad
15.84 BGN

Iceberg, tender hot chicken fillet, croutons, bacon, our Caesar dressing and parmesan 350g

Tuna salad
17.40 BGN

With baby corn, Campari tomatoes and Gremolata of vegetables 350g

Frisée salad
17.52 BGN

With peeled tomatoes, mozzarella and homemade pesto Genovese 350g

leafy green salads
17.76 BGN

With French goat cheese, red beets, pumpkin seeds and citrus vinaigrette 350g

Quinoa, vegetables and cheese
16.56 BGN

Quinoa, peeled tomatoes and zucchini, combined with smoked cheese and vegetable dressing 350g

Panzanella /improved version/
17.88 BGN

Rustic bread bruschettas, tomatoes, mozzarella, salami, capers, fresh basil, olives, pickled red onions, flavored with our garlic dressing 400g

Burrata salad
17.04 BGN

With pepper sauce, little jam and pine nuts 350g

Healthy Salad
14.88 BGN

Apple, beets, carrots, mixed salads, celery and avocado 350g

Classic choice

pizza & bread

neapolitan pizza margarita
14.40 BGN

The original recipe for pizza Margarita with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil 400g

Pizza quattro formaggi
17.76 BGN

Mix of cheese and cream 400g

pizza blanca
18.24 BGN

Spinach, artichoke, mozzarella, parmesan and garlic 400g

pizza pesto con pancetta
18.96 BGN

Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, bacon and pesto 400g

Prosciutto di San Daniele pizza
16.80 BGN

Tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, prosciutto and parmesan 400g

Pizza pepperoni
20.16 BGN

Salami Pepperoni, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella 400g

pizza capricciosa
18.72 BGN

Tomatoes, mozzarella, leeds, peppers, olives, scamorza and prosciutto Cotto 400g

pizza veggie
18.96 BGN

Peppers, tomato, olive, pickles, cheese, mozzarella, scamorza and pesto 400g

pizza barbecue
19.92 BGN

Barbecue sauce, smoked pork fillet, bacon, pickles, smoked cheese and mozzarella 400g

pizza bread - parlenka
5.88 BGN

Oven home-baked bread with garlic and butter of choice 200g

Combined pizza bread - parlenka
6.72 BGN

Oven home-baked bread with garlic, cow and hard yellow cheese of choice 250g

Tutto bene!

pasta & risotto

spaghetti caponata
12.96 BGN

Tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, eggplant, basil leaves and arugula 350g

spaghetti sorrentino
17.76 BGN

Sauce from the Sorrento region, minced beef, pancetta, tomatoes, garlic and basil 350g

Strozzapreti carbonara
17.52 BGN

Bacon, egg, wild mushrooms and cream 300g

tagliatelle arrabiata with shrimp
17.76 BGN

Spicy Roman sauce with tomatoes, garlic, onion, oregano, basil, olive oil in combination with fresh shrimp 350g

spaghetti with tomato sauce and seafood
22.56 BGN

Shrimp, calamari, octopus and vegetables 300g

risotto of couscous
17.76 BGN

With quinoa, arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and scamorza 300g

Classic risotto
18.24 BGN

With wild mushrooms and herbs 300g

our risotto
17.52 BGN

With quinoa, green asparagus and pecorino cheese 300g

That's why you are here.

main courses

Chicken medallions
18.48 BGN

With honey, capers and lemon 300g

Chicken roulade
17.52 BGN

With light breaded potato butter crust, scamorza and artichoke 400g

Turkey fillet scallops
19.68 BGN

Served on vegetable and wild mushrooms ragout fin and Hollandaise sauce 400g

pork tenderloin scallops
20.28 BGN

With roasted onions and Gravy sauce 300g

Tonkatsu - tender pork fillet
20.16 BGN

Japanese inspiration for crispy pork fillet with spicy Katsu sauce 300g

pork knuckle on mashed potatoes
22.32 BGN

With chives and melted smoked cheese and wild mushrooms sauce 500g

pork ribs
22.08 BGN

Low and slow cooked with barbecue sauce 400g

Grilled smoked pork neck
19.68 BGN

Slow grilled pork neck 250g

young pork chop
23.52 BGN

Served with Country sauce 400g

Veal tenderloin
22.68 BGN

With Teriyaki and couscous in Oriental style 350g

Homemade beef meatballs
17.52 BGN

With potatoes and salsa rosa 350g

Classic beef steak
54.00 BGN

With truffle sauce and curry potatoes 300g

Spinach ala-cream
12.72 BGN

With parmesan and egg 250g

eggplant romana
13.68 BGN

With tomatoes and mozzarella 300g

blanket of vegetables
10.68 BGN

Blanked of potatoes, broccoli and grilled zucchini with Stracchino cheese, fresh thyme and garlic 300g

Omega tasty


salmon fillet
27.36 BGN

With citrus dressing and fresh salad 300g

whole sea bass or sea bream
34.32 BGN

Grilled with Campari tomatoes, roasted garlic, capers and citrus dressing with Provencal fresh spices, served without backbone 600g

fried squid in light breading
19.92 BGN

With dill and garlic and Mediterranean sauce 250g

whole arrow squid
20.28 BGN

Grilled and served with fresh vegetales 350g

gambas al ajillo
22.56 BGN

Spanish-style shrimp with lemon and garlic 200g

grilled octopus in olive oil
45.60 BGN

With Mediterranean dressing and Campari tomato 200g

Nice and simple

burgers & burrito

Classic Beef burger
17.76 BGN

100% beef burger, bread, tomato, iceberg, onion and cheddar, served with French fries and fresh salad 350g

black angus burger
22.32 BGN

100% Black Angus burger, iceberg, tomato, pickles, jalapeño pepper and cheddar, served with French fries and fresh salad 450g

open pork gyros
15.36 BGN

Greek bread, tzatziki, French fries, tomato, onion and iceberg 350g

Burrito with crispy chicken
17.76 BGN

Mexican tortilla, crispy chicken fillet, iceberg, cheddar sauce, red onion and tomato, served with potatoes and salad 450g

burrito with tender pork
17.76 BGN

Mexican tortilla, tender pork, iceberg, cheddar sauce, red onion and tomato, served with potatoes and salad 450g

Quesadilla with tender chicken
16.56 BGN

Tortilla filled with tender chicken fillet, vegetables, served with French fries and salad 450g

quesadilla with tender pork
15.36 BGN

Tortilla filled with tender pork fillet, vegetables, served with French fries and salad 450g

Just for fun

Snack Menu

tortilla de tapas with mozzarella
12.72 BGN

Variation of spanish omlette with potatoes, tomatoes and mozzarella, served with Jamon Serrano and fresh salad 350g

tortilla de tapas with vegetables
11.76 BGN

Variation of spanish omlette with potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, onion and a mix of cheeses, served with fresh salad 350g

club sandwich
17.52 BGN

Toasted bread, Prosciutto Di Parma, yellow cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, boiled egg, served with French fries and a mix of fresh salads 350g

homemade bread with pulled pork
15.36 BGN

Homemade bread, pork neck, tomato, pickle, onion, iceberg and our Uni sauce, served with French fries 350g

ciabatta with chicken/turkey fillet
10.68 BGN

Chicken or turkey ham, yellow cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and Uni sauce, served with French fries 300g

ciabatta with prosciutto di parma
11.76 BGN

Pork ham, scamorza, iceberg, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and Uni sauce, served with French fries 300g

ciabatta with guacamole and vegetables
11.88 BGN

Guacamole, cherry tomatoes, arugula, iceberg, cucumber and mozzarella, served with French fries 300g

Curry potatoes
8.16 BGN

Served with Cheddar sauce 250g

homemade potatoes
7.68 BGN

Served with garlic sauce 200g

Rosti with cheese
10.56 BGN

Rosti with melted smoked cheese and Jalapeño pepper 250g

Only if you need it


Cheddar sauce
2.88 BGN

With Jalapeño pepper 50g

BBQ sauce
2.88 BGN


uni sauce
2.88 BGN


1.80 BGN


1.80 BGN


1.80 BGN


Add some extra

Side dishes

mashed potatoes
5.40 BGN


Mashed baked potatoes
6.24 BGN

With chives 150g

Grilled vegetables
8.16 BGN

Served with parmesan on top 150g

Green asparagus
7.20 BGN


stewed rice
4.80 BGN


Sweet dreams


french country cake
7.80 BGN

Cream, green figs, cranberries, almonds 150g

7.80 BGN

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate 150g

7.80 BGN

French dessert with vanilla filling and a glaze of Belgian or white chocolate 150g

Blueberry cheesecake
9.00 BGN

Panna Cotta cheese on a base of crushed butter buiscuits topped with blueberry jam 150g

cheesecake oreo
9.00 BGN

Panna Cotta cheese on a base of crushed butter buiscuits topped with crushed Oreos 150g

homemade apple cake
9.00 BGN

With small pieces of apple and mascarpone cream 150g

lindt cake
8.64 BGN


Walnut cake with chocolate
9.00 BGN




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